Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does the season start?

A: Please see Calendar of Events .

Q: Where can I register my child?
A: McMillan Park Clubhouse - 6125 SW 133 Avenue

Q: How much does it cost to play soccer?
A: The cost varies depending on age and whether the child plays on a recreational or a competitive team. No Credit Cards accepted, only checks or cash.
U6 $125.00
U8 to U10  $150.00
U12 $160.00
U14 $160.00

Q: Do boys and girls play together?
A: Boys and girls play together in the U6 age group. All other ages the boys and girls have their own teams and only play teams of same gender.

Q: What is included with the registration?
A: League provides a 15 game season for the recreational league.
League provides a complete uniform: shirt, shorts, and socks.
League gives a trophy to every recreational player.

Q: What documentation do I need to register my child?
A: First time players will need to provide a copy of their birth certificate or a copy of their passport.

Return players will only need to check that the information on the pre-printed FYSA form is correct and complete the WKO registration form.

Q: What days do we practice?
A: The coach will designate the practice days. The Club encourages each team to practice two times each week for at least one hour. The coach selects time and location. Usually teams practice Monday and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursday. You can specify dates you prefer to practice and every effort will be made to accommodate the request.

Q: What are the time for the practices?
A: Practices start at 6:00 PM or 6:30 PM and usually run for 1 hour for U6 and 1.5 hours for the older age groups.

Q: Where will we practice?
A: McMillan Park has lights and is available for evening practices throughout the season. The coach will designate the time and location.

Q: When are my games?
A: All games will be played on Saturdays. The schedule will be given to the coach at least one week before the start of the season. All schedules will be on this web site once they are established.

Q: Who is my coach?
A: WKO asks parents to volunteer as coaches, assistant coaches, and team parents.
Your father, your mother, or an older brother or sister can be your coach. Your coach will call you at least two weeks before the first game to organize the first team meeting and practice.

Q: How will I meet my coach?
A: Coaches are encouraged to call all the children on their team and to establish a specific time, date, and location for the first meeting, then to advise all the parents of the practice locations.

Q: Can I select a coach?
A: In the U6 & U8 programs the players will be placed with coaches they wish. In the older age groups the Club will attempt to place that player with a selected coach, however there is no guarantee. Just write the name of the coach you want on the registration form.

Q: Can I play with my friends?
A: The Club encourages friends to play together on the same team. In the U10 and older age groups the teams are formed for balance so there are no guarantees that friends will continue on the same team. Write the names of your friends on the registration form and the Club will make every effort to accommodate your wishes.

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